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A Buyers Guide to Pound Puppies Stuffed Animals. Pound Puppies are stuffed toy animals that originated in the 1980s. The plush dogs had droopy eyes and oversized floppy ears. The Pound Puppies franchise included the stuffed dogs, a line of stuffed cats called the Pound Pur-r-ries, a television series, books, and movies. Pound Puppies originally burst onto the scene in the mid-‘80s as sad-eyed plush animals whose instant popularity spawned a TV special, an animated series, and a movie. This 2010 version borrows little more than the name from the original, with all new characters and a new direction for the stories.

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Created by Joe Ansolabehere, Paul Germain, Wendy Moss. With Eric McCormack, John DiMaggio, Michael Rapaport, Alanna Ubach. A group of pound dogs make it their mission to place puppies with their perfect person and have lots of adventures along the way.

Pound puppies show 80s. So the Pound Puppies are one hot property and that of course leads to a cartoon show. The Pound Puppies TV Special. Before there was the cartoon series there was the Pound Puppies TV special. I vaguely remember this and it seemed to be used as a standalone show to see how people would respond to a cartoon version of the toys. Despite being sold for a whopping $30 a pop—which would be about $70 today—Tonka sold 2.5 million Pound Puppies within their first year of production, making them guaranteed to get what every other successful toy line did in the 80s: a TV show. The TV Show. The Pound Puppies cartoon first aired in 1986 and was produced by Hanna-Barbera. Rejoice, '80s kids! Pound Puppies are back! Basic Fun said the plush pups are reproductions of the original toys that were must-haves for kids in the 1980s.

The Pound Puppies are very happy to see Dr. Weston. At the City Pound, Bright Eyes, Howler, and Barkerville tell the other dogs that Cooler has returned. Meanwhile, Violet is introduced to Bigelow, who runs the City Pound, and Dr. Weston, who is the pound's veterinarian.Bigelow, seeing Cooler's high record of escapes, tells Nabbit to take Cooler to solitary confinement for the next 30 days. Pound Puppies (known as All New Pound Puppies in its second season) is a 1986 American animated series made by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the toy line by Tonka.It is the sequel to the 1985 television special. The show was broadcast on ABC between September 1986 and December 1987.. It was the first cartoon adaptation of the property, the second being the 2010 series Okay, so this show isn't My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but it's still a pretty good show. It's a revival of the Pound Puppies toy line, not really the `80s cartoon (which was great, too.

Great deals on Pound Puppies Vintage Stuffed Animals. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Pound Puppies (TV Series 1985–1988) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Original Pound Puppies are back, and our ′80s selves couldn’t be happier Updated Feb 11, 2020; Posted Feb 11, 2020 Basic Fun is releasing reproductions of the original Pound Puppies that were.

Life was good for kids in the '80s. We had Saturday morning cartoons, trapper keepers, Lisa Frank, slap bracelets, Squeeze Its, and Pound Puppies. Shop for Pound Puppies in 80s Toys. Buy products such as Pound Puppies Newborns - Wave 1, Basic Fun 266257 Assorted Pound Puppies - Pack of 2 at Walmart and save. With Dan Gilvezan, Adrienne Alexander, Ruth Buzzi, Pat Carroll. Saturday-morning cartoon series whose main characters, the wrinkled Pound Puppies, were inspired by the popular line of stuffed toys. Here, the Pound Puppies lived at the pound, but could get out though a secret tunnel. Assisted by their human friend Holly, they tried to outwit Holly's evil guardian, Katrina Stoneheart, and her.

Rejoice, '80s kids! Pound Puppies are back! Basic Fun said the plush pups are reproductions of the original toys that were must haves for kids in the 1980s. Basic Fun said the dolls were brought. Pound Puppies was a popular toy line sold by Tonka in the 1980s. It later inspired an animated TV special, two animated TV series, and a feature film. Shipments of the toys over five years generated sales of $300 million in 35 countries. This is a list of Pound Puppies characters from the television series, that ran from 1986 to 1989, as well as the TV film, and Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw.The animated children's show was based on the popular 1980's stuffed toy line.

Directed by Alan Zaslove, Ray Patterson. With Dan Gilvezan, Ron Palillo, Alan Oppenheimer, Gail Matthius. A female dog from a wealthy family named Violet Vanderfeller is picked up and taken to the city pound, where she meets the gang and discovers their mission of uniting themselves up with homes. The special centers on Violet attempting to reunite with her family, ultimately succeeding. Pound Puppies 1986 Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site AirbenderGame EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest. Episode 45 – Pound Puppies by 80s Cartoon Podcast. Publication date 2011-05-29.. Katrina Stonehart. because this week the gang takes you Wagga-Wagga to run down Pound Puppies Season 01 Episode 10 - Wagga Wagga. Notes.. SHOW ALL. IN COLLECTIONS. 80s cartoon podcast.

Coming on at 10:30 am, Garfield and Friends meant Saturday morning was coming to an end. Pretty soon you were going to be sent outside to run off your sugary cereal buzz. FUN BONUS FACT: After compiling this list, I decided to look up how many of these shows were worked on by the prolific voice actors Frank Welker and Peter Cullen.

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