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Sweet gum balls can become ornaments on your Christmas tree. Lay the balls out on sheets of newspaper and spray paint them red, gold or silver. Make sure to work outside with a face mask on while painting. Next, tie a piece of ribbon, thread or colored string around to the stem to hang the colored balls on your tree branches. For decor ideas, I filled a decorative glass jar with Sweet Gum Balls and orange pumpkin pom-poms for color. I used them in a dried display with fungi and artificial pumpkins. Finally, I filled a dish with a few Sweet Gum Balls, small pinecones and artificial orange pumpkins. They sure came in handy for crafts and decorating!

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Sweet gum tree balls. American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), also known as American storax, hazel pine, bilsted, redgum, satin-walnut, star-leaved gum, alligatorwood, or simply sweetgum, is a deciduous tree in the genus Liquidambar native to warm temperate areas of eastern North America and tropical montane regions of Mexico and Central America.Sweet gum is one of the main valuable forest trees in the. It’s Sweet Gum Ball time of year again and that means you may find yourself slipping on these prickly round seeds. Before you write them off as just a nuisance, consider these simple ways to utilize the Sweet Gum Ball Tree and it’s falling “fruit”. It’s currently flu season, which means many people are hom Sweet gum balls are the seeds that fall from sweet gum trees. These seeds are often called porcupine balls because they are covered in small barbs. The barbs are carried to new locations when they latch onto animals' fur. Many people think of sweet gum balls as a nuisance, but they can be used to make many types of crafts.

Sweet Gum Tree Advice. I previously was the Director at a pre-school. Unfortunately the play yard had a sweet gum tree and the nasty little seed balls were not acceptable in that type of yard. There is a fruit inhibitor which can be sprayed on the tree in early spring just before the tree blossoms. Growing the Tree. Sweet gum wood is a favorite for furniture, and the sap is added to tincture of benzoin and found often in incense. There is quite a lot of good wrapped up in this amazing tree. If you’d like to grow your own sweet gum, first understand that it’s a commitment to a tree that many describe as a nuisance. May 10, 2017 - Explore Linda Durtschi's board "Sweet Gum tree ball crafts" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sweet gum, Sweet gum tree crafts, Crafts.

Sweet gum’s sticky sap rapidly seals over bark wounds, drying and forming a protective “scab,” and the flow of the sticky, aromatic stuff can deter burrowing insects and herbivores. A mulch of sweet gum balls around your favorite plants will keep the snails away. Medicinal Uses of Sweet Gum According to Articles from Pharmacognosy Reviews : Rake the sweet gum balls into a pile with a standard leaf rake. Put the spiny balls to good use by using them as a mulch to keep pests like slugs, snails and rabbits out of your garden. Step 3 Roll over your lawn with a rolling nut picker-upper like the Nut Wizard or Pecan Picker Upper. These devices are typically made up of rounded cages. A sweet gum is a deciduous tree in the witch hazel family that ranges in height from 60 to 100 feet and has a narrow oval canopy. The Liquidambar styraciflua growth rate is moderate to rapid.

Below are some suggestions on how to get rid of sweet gum tree balls. Raking or Blowing. Raking with a tine rake and bagging is a successful way of removing sweet gum balls and getting your exercise on at the same time. Another technique for removal is by using a power blower and blowing them into a pile for bagging. Taxonomy and Cultivars . The American sweetgum trees are classified as Liquidambar styraciflua according to plant taxonomy. Liquidambar styraciflua 'Rotundiloba,' is a sterile, non-fruiting culitivar of sweetgum that does not produce the famous spiky seed pods, commonly called "gumballs." Other cultivars do have the pods, which drop from the tree after the leaves fall in mid- to late-autumn. The spiky clusters are actually balls of fruit with tiny seeds inside that birds and squirrels snack on. By mid-fall, the balls are dead and seedless. Just like leaves, they must fall, so the tree can prep for new growth. The only difference is sweetgum balls drop all fall and winter. Are sweetgum tree balls edible?

The tree is beautiful and offers lots of shade so I wouldn’t mind keeping it, but we absolutely detest the spiny little balls that are covering our back yard. A: The spiky seed pods of the sweetgum tree are a nuisance to many gardeners. It is theoretically possible to eliminate the balls each year but it is a difficult process. The sweet gum grows in a long list of states, thinning to a more patchy distribution as it spreads southward into Mexico and Central America. For a New World tree, it is interesting to note its. Gather up a lot of gum balls. The boys and I filled an old grocery bag. Clip off all the stems. I sat down in front of the TV and watched Live With Kelly when Josh Groban was the co-host, and I was in clipping heaven. Bake the gum balls in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. This is to make sure there isn’t anything living in the holes.

The Best Method for Removing Sweetgum Balls From the Lawn. The sweetgum (Liquidambar styracifua) is a tall, elegantly-shaped tree that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones. The round fruit balls are produced from fertilized flowers. As a monoecious plant, a sweet gum bears male and female flowers. This means that only one tree is needed for the flowers to be pollinated, and a single tree can produce the spiky fruits even when another sweet gum tree is not in sight. Question: Where can I purchase Snipper for Sweet Gum tree seed balls on the internet? Turman from Broaddus, TX Answer: Turman, You'll need to contact a local arborist or your county extension agency to verify this, but I'm fairly certain that Snipper® is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Sweet Gum tree is the sand spur of the forest. You painfully find them with your feet. The vicious seed pods have impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet Gum’s reputation. Perhaps it is time for some rehabilitation. The only edible part of the tree is the dried sap […]

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