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Syrian Fur Colors. The Syrian is by far the most popular hamster and the most varied, in terms of fur. There are also many Syrian hair colors, but they fall into two categories: the self and the agouti. The self Syrian hamster means its entire body is the same color except in the typical spots such as chin, paws, and mustache. Typical examples. The title of Syrian hamster is often used interchangeably with the golden hamster, or even the Syrian golden hamster. The golden hamster is the species you’ll most often find in pet stores. While this is this hamster’s most commonly seen coloring, the Syrian hamster has a much broader color coat diversity than you might expect.

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20-set-2019 - Syrian Hamsters colors and coats: black, chocolate, sable, roan, blue, dove, champagne, mink and other dark colors and coats. Visualizza altre idee su Criceti, Criceti divertenti, Animali.

Syrian hamster coat colors. The hamster has a small blunt tail and smooth, short hair. Normal coloration is reddish gold, with a grayish-white ventrum. Hair-coat colors also include cream, albino, piebald, and cinnamon; the length of hair can also vary (Harkness et al., 2010). Hamster ears are pointed, with dark pigmentation, and the eyes are small, dark, and bright. Common Coat Colors of Syrian Hamsters. Fancy hobby breeding has managed to produce hamsters with vastly differing coats with lots of different patterns, colors, and fur lengths. Syrian hamsters can come in many different colors including, gray, black, yellow, red or a mixture of several different colors. This page will focus on varieties of Syrian hamster, that is, the various colours, patterns and coat types. For information on dwarf hamsters, please see the Dwarf Hamster Variety page. If you live in North America or are a member of an American forum, you may notice such terms as "teddy bear hamster", "black bear hamster", "panda bear hamster.

Apr 10, 2015 - Explore Dóróthea Sigríður's board "Hamster colors" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster, Syrian hamster, Hamster care. The Syrian hamster is also most commonly know as the golden hamster as this is the original 'wild' colour. However, over the years many different colours, coat lengths, patterns and coat types have now developed due to mutations. Here I have listed a wide variety of the colours/coats that are around today although it is not possible to list. The species Mesocricetus Auratus is frequently referred to as either the Golden or the Syrian hamster. Syrian is perhaps a term that is clearer since “Golden” is also used as a description of one of the Syrian’s various coat colors (often referred to as the “natural” or “wild” coat color).

The longhaired Syrian hamster has much longer fur. Males often grow longer fur than females, who just look fluffier. Male longhaired Syrian hamster coats can grow over 4 inches long. Satin Syrians have a glossy sheen over their coat. They have beautiful shiny fur caused by hollow strands of hair. But breeding Satins together can result in bald. This hamster is only about 4 inches long and can be found in different colours, some of which are only available from specialist breeders. Russian Winter White This hamster is a little smaller than the Campbell, being about 3 and a half inches long. It only comes in five colors currently - Normal, sapphire, normal pearl, sapphire pearl and mottled. Syrian hamster - colours and patterns Thanks to advance breeding techniques and practices, Syrian hamsters now come in a variety of coat types, patterns and colours! Coat Types: Short haired, long haired, rex coated, satin coated. Patterns: Banded, Dominant spot, Tortoiseshell (bi-colour), Calico (tri-colour), roan. Colours: Normal (golden), cream, cinnamon, sable, yellow, yellow black.

Syrian hamster colors and patterns. Each species of hamster has its own coat colors, textures and patterns, but it is the Syrian hamster that has the greatest variety. This is because it has been bred for much longer, and therefore has the greatest number of mutations. These include: (1) Different coat types. Syrian hamsters can have either. Syrian Hamster Colors and Coats. The Syrian hamster is commonly called Golden Hamster, referring to the wild colour. But over the years, a number of mutations appeared and now you can find a wide range of colours and coat types, some being common and other rare. Some have been standardized by clubs for show purposes. The Self Variety of Syrian Hamster. This variation does not have crescents, ticking, chest band or cheek flashes. Black: This Syrian has a black top coat, blue/black undercoat, black belly fur, dark gray eyes, and black eye colors.

Syrian hamster or Mesocricetus auratus is a member of the rodent family. It is a very popular furry small pet that has been around for almost 70 years. You will find different types of Syrian hamsters in the pet shops available in a vast variety of coat textures and colors. The oldest we know a Syrian Hamster to be is 6½ years, but this is the exception from the norm. Long haired Syrian Hamster – be prepared to groom it. The first hamsters introduced as pets had short hair, but with some advanced breeding techniques, there are now four types of coat types: Short, longhaired, rex and satin. This species is only available in 3 colors. The normal color is gray, but it is also found in pearl and sapphire. The pearl color is white (with black eyes)and is, essentially, the winter color of the hamster’s coat. Variations in coat color make the hamster an attractive pet and lots of fun for even recreational breeders.

They also come in a number of different coat types including Short Haired, Long Haired (also known as Teddy Bear), Rex, and Satin. The Syrian Hamster is a solitary animal, and must be kept singly after age of 8–10 weeks. If kept together any longer than that, vicious fighting will break out resulting in either serious injury or death. The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is among the most popular choices for small pets.It's generally easy to tame, fun to watch, and fairly low-maintenance, making it a good pet for beginners.These hamsters come from arid regions of northern Syria and southern Turkey. The natural color of most Syrian hamsters is golden brown with a lighter belly. Colours of the Syrian hamster can be described in three ways: as "self", "agouti" or "combinations". Self colours are a consistent coat colour with the same colour topcoat and undercoat. Agouti hamsters have a different, lighter undercoat and markings around the eyes.

However, breeding has produced new colors such as white, beige, cream, sable, and black – known as Black Bear Hamsters. Coats. The natural coat for the Syrian Hamster is short and soft. But, like a lot of pet species, breeders have managed to breed hamsters with a variety of coats. Long Hair Syrian Hamster – The Teddy Bear Hamster

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