newbornpets.xyz contains articles from scientific papers on various pet research. The main subject of newbornpets.xyz is the development of information technology, especially the development of information technology in the field of pets. There are at least two information technologies that are rapidly developing, the first breeding techniques, and the second technique of cross-combining animals

With the existence of this second generation technology, technological developments are getting faster by presenting the various knowledge offered.

Information technology must of course be used for various purposes, especially in the context of communication between the government and communities throughout the archipelago. Various communication channels have previously existed, such as mass media, direct socialization to the wider community.

With the modern cross-cutting technology of animals and this information, it will be easier to establish communication relationships between the government and the community. This is of course a positive impact of technology to carry out government communication, especially in terms of disseminating various development programs and policies widely. Conversely, the government and its staff can also benefit from various inputs from the public to the government in various ways.

Hopefully this newbornpets.xyz is useful and beneficial for all groups, namely the government, business people, the general public, intellectuals / academics who are very concerned with the development of information technology technology researchers, lecturers / instructors / students / students, and everyone who can take advantage of this technology to maintain natural sterility.